The company

Our Research.

. Smart sustainable food system to provide food security by 2050 according to SDGs goals (2020)
. Produce transgenic cereal crops that have high expression of animal-free recombinant protein such as human serum albumin (HSA)(2016)
. Expression of PSTOL1 gene in rice to increase phosphorus uptake from soil. (2014)
. Expression of 3 genes, like ferittin, in rice plant to increase iron and zinc in rice endosperm and produce iron bio-fortified rice (2013)

Our Services.

. Import and supply agricultural inputs such as (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides)
. Plant nutrient optimization and nutrition programs planning based on crop needs
. Design and implementation of different growing systems
. New seeds varieties testing and introduction of appropriate cultivars for each region
. Tissue culture laboratory and performing tissue culture projects for woody species and herbaceous plant
. Plant protection and integrated pest management
. Farm automation and mechanization consultation and construction
. Green space design and implementation